Flowbus Pneumatic Actuators Valves

By incorporating engineering excellence, and the latest precision manufacturing techniques, EPR-Series rack & pinion Flowbus Pneumatic Actuator Valves are constructed to the highest quality standards and offer efficient, reliable performance in a cost-effective package.

High-Quality Assurance

All EPR-Series actuators comply with the latest ISO5211 valve interface standards, for optimum strength, standardized dimensions and direct mounting, and the NAMUR international interface.

Latest Technology Built-In

Our Flowbus Pneumatic Actuator Valves offer comprehensive solutions with the latest innovations in technology for project-specific customer requirements. By combining our high-quality product range, expertise, and process experience, we are able to solve complicated process problems with reliable, on-time packages. Our aim is to exceed the quality and operational expectations of our customers, providing them with added value and service.

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